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Monday, July 28, 2008


We just returned from a fun trip to SoCal...Rachel had fun and was a trooper powering out late late nights with her Mom and Dad. She was rewarded with Golden Spoon for her efforts (see pic below). We spent some time in HB checking out the US Open of Surfing, introducing Rachel to the ocean, eating at our favorite spots (TK Burger and Harbor House), doing a BBQ at Stephs parent's house with our friends (thanks again Steph...you and your parents rock) and even got in some surfing (my shoulders still hurt). Sat morning it was off to Simi Valley to hang with Teresa's family and we got to play at Marguerite's pool and have a BBQ over ther (Thanks Marg for the hospitality and letting us hang at your place), we watched Dark Knight and hung out with most of Teresa's family (sans the UT ones). All in all it was a great trip, our bellys are full, are eyes are tired, are bodies are burned and we can't wait to go back. Enjoy the slideshow:

Rockies vs Dodgers

Since I bought my season tickets before 2008 began last year, they gave me a bunch of free tickets to any one game I wanted. So being that Teresa is a Dodger fan I picked last Monday's game. My parents, brother and sister in law and the Underwoods joined us for a fun night of watching the Rockies being down by 8 in the first inning, enjoying FOOT LONG brats and watching a good old piece of Americana...Baseball. Rachel again was a trooper and hammered out the whole night even being a ham infront of my clients who were using my actual season tickets....because of which I told her that I would give her $1000 for a shopping spree...lucky for me she isn't old enough to understand.
The next day I was watching the reply of the game to see some of the close plays they didn't show on the jumbo-tron and in the 7th inning as they were cutting away to commercial break they zoomed right in on Rachel as I was dancing with her as she was sitting on top of my head...it was too bad I was watching this in my bedroom and not on the TV that has DVR so I couldn't rewind and take a picture...I am trying to contact the network to get a recording of the game, after all it was our daughters first big break into show biz.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

Happy 4th everyone! We just hung with the Family and lit off our own fireworks. Rachel had fun being passed around at my parent's ward breakfast and loved playing with Pop...she loves her Pop and all the noises he makes.

Camping and the OTC

Disclaimer: The past few weeks have been crazy so for all the haters out there I am sorry for not updating the blog more often. (Teresa has passed your messages on to me)

Now...a few weeks ago we took Rachel on a two night campout. Of course we were a little nervous of how she will do in a tent and hanging outside for two days ...and like always she was a champ! Aside from some cold hands and feet at about 4am she was perfect and slept mostly through the night....even with the family of racoons playing in our campsite both nights, Teresa had fun with that.

On Satruday we went to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. They had Athlete day so the center was open to the public for free with Athlete autograph signings, demos of certain sports, a car show, free BBQ and giveaways. Rachel got to meet a few of the Athletes and she even introduced her self to a couple of the womens volleyball players. We decided that we wanted her to be an Olympic Athlete and that Indoor Volleyball would be her sport (the outdoor girl's outfits are just tooo small.)

She also went on her first hike. We did about two miles on a trail that over looked 7 falls. She loved her baby carrier and baby talked the whole time. All in all we had a great time. Already looking forward to the next one.