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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cali Rae Riewerts

Google Blogger...meet Cali Rae Riewerts. (7lbs 10oz). This go around things were a little different for delivery. We rocked it C-Section style and it was a lot different than a normal delivery. With all the craziness of major surgery, I was still blown away at the miracle of life and Teresa and I were overcome by emotion as we met our new daughter. There were no complications and Cali received a clean bill of health! Recovery for Teresa is going well and she is powering through the recovery phase. Rachel couldn't be more thrilled for her new baby sister and she is stepping into her new role with ease. I think the only thing that could be a little bothersome is that Cali has her nights and days flipped so when people ask us if we are getting any sleep, the answer is now always "NO!" (Rachel has nights and days correct so our sleep wasn't disrupted as much...I know, we were spoiled) Everything is awesome and our joy is again full...time now to get back into some sense of normalcy...