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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Past couple weeks

Teresa's mom and sister came into town for a couple weeks. One of the weekends even Teresa's brother Jeff brought his kids and Rebecca out to hang. We tried to do a lot of fun things while they were here. So we went to a Rockies game, took them to Estes Park to see the Stanley and go on a "hike" by the river. Also, while I was at Scoutcamp they went to see the Unsinkable Molly Brown house museum....I am sure it was loads of fun. We went golfing, played Rock band, made cookies and had a great time. Rachel loved being with her cousins and never wanted to go to sleep. She also had rice cereal for the first time...and loved it. Her opinion of the squash was not as favorable as evident of her wearing it on her shirt. She did get her stats at her six month appointment and she is 50% in weight, 95% in height (here we come volleyball) and 75% in head size (now we can really say "Rachel go cry on ya huge pilla...its like an orage on a toothpick) Enjoy the picks...