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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthdays, Basketball and a Date

Jan 30th was Rachel's 2nd birthday. Due to her recent obsession with Finding Nemo, we of course had a Nemo party. All her friends came over and they had a great time...

Next on the docket was Rachel's first college basketball game, CU Buffs vs Iowa State Cyclones. Surprisingly, the game kept her attention the whole time and aside from getting a little tired toward the end she was perfect. CU won by 2 points and though she probably doesn't understand "buzzer beaters" or "last second shots" she was right there with everyone else to clap and say "GO BUPPS!"

Finally, Rachel went on her first "unofficial" date. We went and saw a local community play of Annie. Though she is only 2, it was sooo funny to see how HAPPY she was to see Mathew. He even brought her a flower that by chance happened to match her pants. She was showing off the whole time and had to ALWAYS sit next to him and always had to make sure that Mathew would clap when she clapped. In fact, when the play started he was sitting on my lap and she insisted that she take the other leg so that they can play "footsie". If it wasn't for her age you would have really thought she was on a real date with a guy she was trying to impress. It had Teresa and I laughing the whole time...14 years left Rachel...14 years.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family Photos

Thanks to Kelli Eudis for the great location and great photos.