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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

After the race (see below) we joined up with Rachel's Uncle Josh and Aunt T to go walk around the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, or for me limp around. We have always heard about this place but never had the opportunity to visit. Let me just say it was awesome and worth a visit. Not overwhelming like a large city Zoo but just big enough to keep Rachel's attention. Plus for some reason we caught all the animals being very interactive. In fact you can even feed the giraffes, which Rachel loved. The Zoo sits up on Cheyenne Mountain which overlooks Colorado Springs (for you military buffs, Cheyenne Mountain is also home to N.O.R.A.D.). The views are fantastic and the Zoo is well laid out and full of cool animals. Rachel loved the monkeys, giraffes and monkeys the most...did I mention she loved the monkeys the most! The weather was perfect and all in all a great day!

Sub 2 Hours!!!!

The scarlet letter of running a half marathon over 2 hours has officaly been stripped from my chest. Those that know me know that I am very competitive and after finishing my first Half Marathon in August at 2:03:09 I had mixed emotions. Excited because I ran my first half marathon but upset because I missed sub-2 hours by only 3 min and 10 seconds. So of course I had to run one more...luckly there was one more non-sunday race left in CO and it was the ADT half marathon in Colorado Springs on Labor Day. I felt good on this race and ran very strong. I finished at 1:57:41!!!!. (8:58 per mile pace.) With the majority of the race season now over (one last 5K in Nov) it is on to thinking about next season. 2010 is the year of the Marathon!