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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two month recap...

With life being so busy, I have to resort to these recaps. It actually snowed about 6 inches last night and has lingered today so that gives us plenty of time for indoor activities...to include updating our blog.
So here we go:

First off in the family visits was Teresa's brother Denny. He was in town for a gig and Rachel had a fun time playing with him.

A couple weeks after that, Teresa's brother Jon and his sweet wife Liz came into town for a wedding and spent a few extra days with us. It was great having them here and Rachel loved all the attention. Hopefully they loved Colorado enough to one day move out here.

A couple weeks after that Teresa's mom flew out for a week and was so surprised by Rachel's growth and growing personality. Rachel really has been so much fun as of late and keeps us well entertained throughout the day.

She LOVES to read, and gets any chance she can get to pick up a book and either read it to her self or bring it to mom and dad to read. Some of the shorter simple books we have memorized..."I know what I want to be when I grow up, an Astronaut" (from her fav, Big Birds letter "A" book)

Even though we had some rough weather these past few days, this winter has been very mild, almost half the days where 60 deg or better...sometimes even reaching in the high 70's. That gave Rachel some opportunities to play outside and venture to the park almost any day it was warm.

She also found Joy in feeding herself at any occasion, though we have noticed that she has the "hide the food" trick down as she stuffs her unwanted veggies down at the crease of her seat.

She learned the sign for "baths" and gives it to us 4-5 times per day, of course we disappoint until the evening when she can finally have her chance to splash and play in the water.

For Easter we went to Nana and Pop's place (Eric's Mom and Dad's). Rachel loved the time with her grandparents and their dog Cassie. She also got to play with Uncle Josh and Aunt T. We were unsure if she would get the concept of the egg hunt but she learned fast and after only a couple minutes was running all over the yard finding eggs and placing them in her basket.