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Sunday, September 28, 2008

All about Rachel...

I know...I know I have been neglectful of our blog and posting pics of our daughter. After all, there is only so many times that you can watch Dwight say "murder ball...murder checkers." So with out further adieu, here are ten things new with Rachel:

1- She has been crawling everywhere
2- She loves standing up and even pulls herself up now
3- For some reason she is obsessed with hitting herself in the head with her toys
4- She has her first battle scars from falling and hitting her head against furniture and toys.
5- She makes the funniest face when she is pooping. It is real poop now since she is getting baby food. At first she didn't understand what was going on so she would cry every time she was pushing one out.
6- She loves all the new foods she gets to eat...and she also isn't shy about supporting the company we used for our life Insurance.
7- She says "da-da da-da" all the time...but we aren't counting it since she doesn't do it when I point to myself
8- She loves her Baby Einstein movies...especially the one with the animals. She even sits with her Remote Control like Mom and Dad.
9- She loves to hang out with Dad and watch Football
10- When she gets excited she rubs her feet together...we call it the foot shuffle.

and some recent pics: