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Monday, February 9, 2009

OuR 1 yEaR oLd

On Jan 30th Rachel turned 1! Amazing how fast time has flown. She is this little person now complete with a cute personality and lots of love. Well, if you hadn't see from previous posts she absolutley LOVES dogs. So of course we had to have a dog themed birthday. She had a bunch of her friends come over....some just a little older than her, but they all treat her so well, and she loves playing with her friends no matter what age. She had her first true "sweet" with her giant cup cake, and would point and laugh everytime she saw the many dog pictures strewn around our house. Happy First Birthday Ra-Ra.

The Treats!

Little cupcake puppies...

Welcoming her friends to the party

Rachel diggin' into the icing...no that isn't black ink

Opening her presents

Finishing the night with "Ride-a-horse" with Nana. She couldn't get enough.