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Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer 2009 #6: Rachel Rachel and more Rachel

The summer isn't over yet...and we still have a few more activites planned. Until then here are some "rachel being cute" photos that we took over the past couple months....enjoy!

Summer 2009 #5: The Half Marathon

So I finally did it, I ran my first Half Marathon. The day before my birthday I got to take an item off my bucket list. It was a great time, there were even 6 people from my Ward that ran as well. It was a little harder than I thought. Especially since we started at 8,000 feet. Granted we finished at 7,000 feet so you would think that going downhill would make you fast but the opposite is true. The declines were very steep and there were a whole bunch of up hills...I mean we are in the Rockies. All in all I am glad I finished it, though I didn't get the sub-2hr time I wanted (2:02) That's ok though as I already signed up for another one on Labor Day. What the heck has gotten into me....

Summer 2009 #4: Gramsy Comes to Visit

My mom came out for a week in August to visit and hang out with Rachel. Rachel had a great time with Gramsy and loved to show her how she rules this house. Here are some family pics that we took.

Summer 2009 #3: Wellington Lake Camping

We got together with some friends to camp at Wellington Lake in July. I didn't snap too many photos but did get one of Rachel and I hanging out in the lake on my surfboard....I know I know...I just haven't been on my board in 7 months and thought it would be fun to paddle around.

Summer 2009 #2: Our Wedding Anniversary

This year Teresa and I got away, sans child, to explore Beaver Creek. We landed an insane deal on a hotel suite up there and had a great time. It was overcast the first day but that made for some sweet pics on the way up the lift. We had a nice dinner the first night and even got some dancing in. The following day we hiked up to an alpine lake. We love Colorado!

Summer 2009 #1: The Zoo

We took Rachel to the Zoo for the first time in June on Teresa's Birthday. She had a ton of fun especially at the Monkey cages. She has a fascination with monkeys and probably would prefer to live in a cage filled with monkeys and dogs. It's a good thing we started with the monkeys because by the half way point she was over it. Maybe in a couple more years when she "gets it" we will buy some season passes and hang out there more often.