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Thursday, February 28, 2008

au contraire!

could it be...never nudes, "its the final countdown", the "blue" man group, George Michael and Maybe, A man-egg, Buster's hand, a Loose Seal...the memories bring a tear to my eye...is it making a come back?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rachel's First Adventure

We understand that there are a lot of "firsts" that are going to happen in our daughters life and we will try and not bore you with every "first" that she has but this one was of note because it was the "first" time out of the house. Teresa's brother, Jeff, comes into town every week for work and his company insists that he stays at the nicest hotels in the city and eats at the nicest restaurants. Well they just opened a Ritz Carlton about three weeks ago in downtown Denver. So last week Jeff was staying there and this time stayed an extra night so we decided to drive down and go to dinner with him. We ate at Elways (and if your wondering yes it is John Elway's restaurant, Denver-ites are obsessed with this guy)which was in the hotel and than we went up to his room at the Ritz. It was super nice and Rachel was great the whole time. Slept for most of her "first" outing and when she was awake she was quiet and very observant of everything around her. It was also Teresa's and my "first" time going to the Ritz are we are pretty sure we will never be staying there, unless one of us starts working for Jeff's company. We also are comforted that Rachel isn't old enough to understand this luxury so we don't have to worry about her growing up and always expecting this..er..Paris Hilton. For all she knows we went to Burger King and hung out with her Uncle at the Howard Johnson.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rachel's Blessing

Due to Teresa's mom being in town we decided to have Rachel's Baby Blessing earlier than we first thought. We are glad we did that though because it would have been a shame not have her mom here for it. With that said Rachel was blessed on February 17 in our house. Our Bishop and First Councilor participated along with our Home Teacher and my Father. We had heard about doing the belssing at home and we are glad that we made that choice. It was nice to have family there and to be able to not have the preassure of having a microphone in your face in front of 300 people. Of course it was very quiet in the house during the blessing and the spirit was very strong. We also liked that afterward all our family stayed after to have dinner and spend time with Rachel. Teresa's mom made her blessing dress and Rachel did fantastic the whole time...not even a peep...just looked around and smiled.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Rachel Nicole

It has been almost two weeks now since she was born and things couldn't be better. She only wakes up twice per night to sleep and for the most part you never hear her cry...except when you are changing her diaper and she gets cold. She loves spending time with all her family and friends and when she has visitors she puts on this "look at me" show. Dad has found his new favorite thing in that before bedtime he will lay in the recliner in her room and she falls asleep on his chest. Teresa's mom and sister have been out here and they are giving her all the attention she wants and needs. Enjoy the pics....

Monday, February 4, 2008

More of Rachel...

...so we have been busy adapting to life with Rachel Nicole and haven't gotten around to updating the blog with more pics for our family and friends. Life has been different these past couple days and adapting has left us very tired and exhausted but it is ALL WORTH IT!!! She is absolutly amazing...and her personality is already beaming through. She loves hanging with her Mom and Dad and with Nana and Pop. It is just amazing this little miracle that we now have and our lives as of late have been filled with all smiles and lots of love. Here are some pics and videos for you all to look at....we especially love the bath time video...she loves baths and is already acting like a little princess.