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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our First Family Photo Shoot

Last week we had our First Family Photo shoot or FFPS as I like to call it. Kelli did a great job and Rachel even hung in there....well until she ate a handful of railroad track dirt...yummy! Too bad we didn't get a picture of that. Thanks Kelli for doing a great job!

Rachel's First Haircut

Good-on-ya Riewerts...two new blog posts in the past week. Anyone left reading this thing should consider themselves lucky.

A few weeks ago Rachel had her first haircut. She loved it, and looks like we have a princess in the making. Randi did a great job and will have a repeat customer from here on out. Meanwhile...Dad has been adding up the cost of product in his head ever since she sat in that chair and smiled....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas 2008

I know I know...I have been horrible about updating our blog. Life has just been very busy as of late and the free time I do get I try to spend with Rachel and Teresa and catching up on my favorite shows. Maybe I should ask for a "bailout" of my time...

So this year for Christmas break we went to SoCal to be with the Jagards. First time in three years. We were there for about a week but the time flew by so fast. We had something going on almost everyday so it was one of those "we did a lot" vacations..opposed to "we did a lot of nothing".

On Tuesday we went to the Jay Leno show. We showed up a little late, I had to run 3 miles because "I" forgot my ticket in the car and there is no parking at the studio, and we were the last ones picked but we ended up sitting in the front row and even got to be on TV when he came out and we shook his hand. We had a friend record it and put it on DVD for us but have yet to get the goods. Here is the monologue from that night...if you listen carefully enough you can hear us laughing in the background.

If any of you ever get an opportunity, it is a great free and fun thing to do. Afterwards we went to the Originial Bob's Big Boy. I remember going to these restaraunts as a kid when I was growing up in DC but I guess they have all shut down except for this one.

On Wednesday Teresa's mom threw a fantastic Christmas dinner party complete with White Elephant exchange and amazing food. There were about 20 people there and of course Rachel was the Belle of the Ball.

Christmas morning was great...we got to sleep in. Of course always in the back of our minds is the fact that in 2 or 3 more years those mornings will be the opposite as we will have to chase our children down the stairs at the crack of dawn. Rachel loved all the gifts she got. Her favorites were the sing-a-long thing she got from Aunt Heather and Uncle Denny and the dalmation dog Aunt Sarah got for her....well that and the $1 dog I got her at the grocery store for her stocking...she loves dogs as you can tell.

On Friday we went to the Ronald Reagan Library. Teresa's sister works there and she gave us the VIP tour...well essentialy we didn't have to wait in the line for the Air Force one exhibit...and she gave us a lot of the "inside" information. Okay okay we'll admit, we did feel special. My dad loved to work for Reagan so it was really cool to see the whole life of this great President. The library/museum was put together very well...and a must see if you find yourself in North Los Angeles.

On Saturday we took Rachel to a restaraunt that does open mic Kareoke....Sarah, Teresa's sister, loves to go and Rachel even went up with her Dad and sang ABC's. When everyone in the audience started to sing along she was having the time of her life and clapping and laughing....too bad we didn't get video of it.

Sunday jumped back on a plane and after an almost 3 hour delay we finally made it home at 2:30am. We won't go into anymore details regarding that adventure as our goal is to portray our daughter as a perfect angel.