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Monday, July 23, 2007

Yo Yo Ma....

Still the greatest show on TV. Beats THE OFFICE any day of the week. Kramer was a genius..

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

That just happened....

I guess it is time that the Riewerts' jump on the Bloggin' Band Waggon. Like fasion, music and slang we are a little slow to get the latest trends out here in CO. Though we are considered part of the "Western" United States, we are more like the red-headed step child of the "West". Things are going great out here. Teresa is 12 weeks now and we are supper stoked for Feb. 1st and our new arrival. After our experience in Feb we are cautiously optomistic about this one though all signs point for a positive experience this go around. The Kochs visited a couple weeks back and it was awesome to see lil' Charlie and see Nora and Adam as parents....almost inspiring.
We are going to be out in SoCal Aug 8-10 so hopefully we can run into some friends and Harbor House, San-O, TK, G.A.Y., and San-O. It has been almost a year now since we moved to CO and man has time flown by fast....we can't believe that we haven't yet returned to visit. Shame on us.