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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm dreaming....

So ever since I was a kid I always wanted a "true" white christmas....not the fake one where they say that if there is snow on the ground than it is a White Christmas. I want to wake up on Christmas morning and as we are gathered around the yule log, sipping our mugs of hot cocoa see snow falling out of the sky. This year my wish finally came true...and it was glorious. Teresa about ripped my vocal cords out after my 30th rendetion of White Christmas...I just don't have the skills like Bing. Anyways...we got about 6 inches and the coolest part is that when we returned home from our parents someone had shoveled our driveway for us! How cool is that. We got dumped on again today another 10 inches, needless to say more shoveling and Teresa is now thinking that we all lied to her..."the snow never sticks, last year was a fluke" Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas...Have a safe New Years and lots of love. E and T

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Nursery

It took a little longer than most but we finally finished our Nursery. We got the idea from a model home that we saw and though it took about 5 rolls of blue tape, 4 different tape-offs, 2 cans of caulking (FYI, use this to get the smooth lines when painting layers)and one week of work it was all worth it in the end. And, since it snowed all day yesterday (first major storm) we were stuck in the house and put together the crib and dresser. We have yet to decorate but that will come in the next few weeks. Teresa told me that a few of her friends, out of state, wanted to see what the nursery looked like so that is why I posted this.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

All the Riewerts' in CO went up to Steamboat Springs for Thanksgiving this year. We scored an awesome deal on a 2 bedroom 3 bath that sleeps 10 people at a ski-in/ski-out. This snow season so far has been horrible...infact up until the week of Thanksgiving it was an avg. temp of 60 deg in the mts so they couldn't even make snow. Even though there was no snow we still went hiking, played a ton of games, watched movies, ate a ton of food and went fly fishing. We also woke up at 4:30 to hit up the sales at Walmart on Friday Morning. The greatest thing about Walmart was that we were in a small town and there were was no huge crowd..only about 20 sleepy souls that braved the 0 deg temp(Something to remember next year!). Steamboat is an awesome place and is recommended to everyone...infact it is only a 5 hour drive from SLC. All in all it was good times had by everyone.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hangin' with the Jagards

Over the past months we had the opportunity to hang with Teresa's family. From Joe's baptism and us surprising her parents in Utah to meeting up for Dinner in SoCal after Halvey's wedding. Good times have been had by all...if now we can only convince Teresa's dad that they should move to Utah...(Please vote on the poll and we will send him the results).

It is my privilege to introduce Mr and Mrs Ryan Halversen

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The long awaited Teresa prego pics

So over the past couple months a whole bunch of our friends and family have wanted to see pics of Teresa pregnant. Unfortunalty she hasn't shown at all until last week where it seemed like her stomach was growing bigger and bigger night by night...it was quite amazing actually. For the first time she has had to wear her maternity pants but still as you can tell by the pics she isn't showing a ton yet. Our little girl is moving around everyday and is as active as can be. We can't wait for the end of Jan. She will be the best Christmas present ever!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Party

So on Monday night the Underwoods came over and we carved our pumpkins for FHE. We bought this cool pumpkin carving kit and used designs from that. At first it looked easy but than we found out that we bit off more than we can chew and it took a while to get them done. After a couple hours we finally completed our masterpieces and they turned out great. Teresa did the witch, Jeff did the Pirate ship and I did the tree. I also posted a picture of our Halloween Costumes...I was the QB and Teresa was the knocked up cheerleader. We wore these to a Halloween Party some friends threw.

World Series 2007 and I HATE BEN AFFLECK

So this past weekend my Dad and I got the opportunity to go to the World Series to see the Colorado Rockies play the Boston Red Sox...or should I say get smoked by the Red Sox. I had bought season tickets this season for the Rockies for the company to give out to clients and one of the benefits of this is first dibs on the playoffs games. This was my first time to a World Series game and let me just say that it was amazing. I can't put into words the energy the that encompassed that evening. Just walking up to the stadium was amazing. The game itself was a wave of emotions from being down six in the 4th to coming with-in one run via a 3 run homerun by Matt Holiday in the 7th. I hope the pictures do the game justice...check out the last picture..by far the best poster of the evening (Ben Affleck is a huge Red Sox Fan)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Career Ending Injury????

Teresa and I are tired of looking at my Transformers charachter so here is a little update:
So on Saturday I was playing Flag Football with the fellas and during an interception I tried to "juke" a player on the other team (yeah, I have mad skills like Reggie Bush) and I ended up juking my Meniscus into a tear. There was a big pop and I went straight to the ground. At first I thought it was an ACL tear, I mean isn't that what you would think, but it didn't swell up like an ACL injury would have. I was immobile for about 4 days and today I can barley bend my knee under it's own strength no more than 20%. After the injury and up until I found out it wasn't an ACL tear, I had contemplated going to work for ESPN or Fox Sports as a commentator or annylyst. Isn't that what stellar finley tuned athletes do after a career ending injury? Luckly though all I need is some rest and rehab and I will be back on the grid iron in about one month...
In other news we finally finished the backyard. I will be posting another more detailed post including pictures in the week to come. Seacrest out!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007


What a great weekend...it stinks that it is over. We drove out to Utah on Thursday night to attend Scott Brady's wedding on Friday. It was the first wedding I had been to at the Salt Lake Temple. Man talk about a circus...there were newleyweds coming out of the temple every 5 minutes. It was nuts. The ceremony was a different story though. By far the BEST sealing that Teresa and I have ever been to. We could have listened to this sealer for hours and hours on end. He brought such an amazing spirit and the advise he gave the bride and groom was amazing. I should have gotten his card to pass out to any friends planning a wedding. We would have paid to have this guy there at ours to seal us. Anyways, Scott had one of the biggest smiles on his face and it never moved...it was sooo funny. At the end of the ceremony Clay, Baker, Paul and I all agreed that we need to step up our game, another notch, as husbands and fathers. After the sealing we waited out side for them to take pix...it was cold and crappy weather...the kind of weather that is cold but not cold enough to snow so we just sat there in the cold wind waiting until they came out. Pix went by fast and than we went and ate at Cafe Rio....you know at first I didn't get the hype but now I crave it when we go to Utah..."they put an addictive chemical in there sauce that makes you crave it nightly...you wee girl" (Mike Myers, So I married an axe murderer)
That night we did the reception thing. It was at this cool warehouse in downtown SLC. We saw a lot of familar faces there and it was good times had by all. After the recpetion we hung out at Spark's House and Clay and I learned that Paul is a master Ping Pong Player...I am still fumming that i didn't beat him.

Aside from the wedding we stayed at Teresa's brother Jeff's house and hung out with all of Jeff and Kristen's kids and Kerri and Ryan's kids. On Saturday morning we went to the boys soccer games. Even with the cold weather Danny did great and scored a goal. William left his soccer game cause the little guy was too cold and him and Jeff came over to watch Danny's game with us. William loved the Starbucks hot chocolate and the picture I took of him makes him look like this little mature man. After the first session of sat morning conference the Hacking's came over and we had a Gingerbread house contest. The girls against the guys. Jeff was the judge and of course the guys won because we were unique in our construction and included places to build a roof top basketball court and lounge area on our house....and plus William's gingerbread monster was very scary...especially with all the gum drops that he used. Jeff and I also took Darren out to the driving range were I managed to break the face off of my nine iron and launch it 50 yards...yeah the ball went 120 so minus the broken club I call it a success. We also went and test drove cars and helped Jeff make a decision on his new work car. It is verrr nice.

Saturday night the guys went to priesthood session and than we went and watched the best movie i have seen in a long time: TRANSFORMERS. We met up with Erik Manning and Erik Oh and even ran into Adam and Misha Edwards...how random. Utah is a funny place...i get a huge kick out of all the random billboard advertisments. Next time I visit I am going to take a picture of them and post them on this blog so you all can get a laugh as well.

Teresa's sister wanted to see a picture of Teresa to see her pregnant belly....this is the only one we took and I am not sure if you can tell or not. I am supposed to say that you can't tell....That is a guy rule. I also got to feel our little girl for the first time this weekend....it was sooooo amazing. After watchng Baker this weekend I can't wait for our little girl to arrive.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day '07

Today we climbed part of Long's Peak in the Rocky Mtn. National Forest. We started at about 9,000 feet and hiked up a little shy of 12,000 feet to a place called Chasim Lake. It was 9 miles roundtrip and the most we have hiked in this high of elevation.

After 5 hours of hiking we are now SPENT. Next stop is to do the 14 hour Longs Peak trek....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

In case you missed it.....

Teresa and I watched the end of Miss Teen USA 2007 on Friday night....yes Miss Teen Colorado won...but you have to check out the edumication of Miss South Carolina....

we all need more maps and increase education in THE Iraq and South Africa...classic....suchas

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Until Next Time

What a weekend. It was so good to be back to Cali to see friends and get some much needed surf time in. We arrived on Wed night and first met up with the Halversons for some din din at Lou's, than we met up with the Kochs for a little G.A.Y. Still good as always...I love the fact that you get to choose what you want to put into your yogurt. The next day was more like one long day from Wed for me since I felt like a Kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve. I slept maybe one hour and than drove down with Manning to San-O at 5:30 in the morning. We didn't have to pay to get in and the waves were perfect.
We surfed until 1:00pm the only thing stopping me was the fact that my rib cage was bruised so bad I couldn't lay on my board anymore. That night we found out that there are Ultrasound Clinics that you can go to to find out the sex of your baby, it only cost $30 and you get to see your little baby for a while. We found out that we were having a little surfer girl.

So that night we ate at TK Burger....the Best Hamburger Ever. http://www.tkburgers.com/home.html

Friday Teresa had off and we went to the Sugar Shack with Jeff and Brad. The Keplers Special was as good as ever. Afterwards...Teresa and I just relaxed relaxed and relaxed.

That night we celebrated my 30th birthday with a BBQ at the Steph's parent's House.
Koch manned the gril and gave a completed Hamburger display that was fit for Martha Stewart. Teresa did a fantastic Job planning the awesome night. All the right people were there and it couldn't had been better.

Saturday morning we woke and went surfing again with Clay, Manning and even Halvey....yes that is right Halvey went out with us. I wish I brought the camera to document this rare event. We ate at Harbour House afterwards and than drove up to Simi Valley to see Teresa's family. We went to their roadshow that night where Teresa's sister was performing as Snow White.
She did such a fantastic job.

We also got to see Kevin for the first time. He is such a cute baby. We stayed the night and than flew out Sunday afternoon. It was one of the best weekends we have had in a while. I think being away from the beach helped us appreciate it even more. We were sooo spoiled before living so close and we didn't take advantage of it as much as we should have.