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Monday, December 15, 2008

Steps, Lights, Drums, Dogs and everything Rachel

So here is the latest from Rachel in no particular order. The weekend before Thansgiving Rachel took her first "official" steps....now she can go across the room like a champ and even has the bumps and bruises to prove it.

For Thanksgiving this year we flew out to Northern California to introduce Rachel to Gramsie Rosenthal (Eric's Natural Mother) and to the rest of the Riewerts family including her other set of Great Grandparents, Great Granny and Great Pop (Eric's grandparents.) As you can see in the pictures below she had a great time hanging out with Gramsie for Thanksgiving and at the Big Trees national park and than a day with her Riewerts relatives.

She had her first kiss with her "boyfriend" Cru...She may have enjoyed it too much and we need to make sure she closes her mouth from here on out...not sure where she got that from...ahemm.

One morning after her dad and Uncle Josh played flag football, Rachel watched as we played Rock Band on the Wii. After Josh left I turned around and saw this (I know, I have a bad baby voice):

So this year we are going to SoCal for Christmas as this will be the frist time in 3 years that we get to experience the "bright lights" of LA at the Jagard home. Due to this we had an early Christmas celebration at my parents house here in Colorado. Rachel seems to love this holiday, she is fasinated with the lights, the Christmas tree and her new toy dog. (I video taped the whole thing but the size doesn't allow me to post on blogger...there is a little video I put at the end that has her playing with it while we are opening presents)

Finally Rachel had a little time to hang out with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kristen (Her birthday buddy)

I think this breaks a record for the longest post on this blog. Teresa said I was getting a lot of flack for not updating the blog with more pictures of Rachel so I gave it to you all at once. Enjoy and see you in 2009!