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Monday, June 7, 2010


We just returned home from a quick trip to SoCal. It was Teresa's annual work party/dinner so we had work stuff one day and the rest we spent with family/friends in Simi Valley and HB. I of course managed to throw in a late night Harbor House run with the guys and a stop at TK Burger the next day. Teresa ate ALL the golden spoon she could and now has millions and millions of Active Cultures in her body. The AVP tournament was this past weekend in HB and we even got down to support Casey Patterson on Friday for a little bit. Rachel loved the "bolleyball" and I already have her on a bump, set, spike routine as of last night.

Downtown HB

The Duke

Olympic Gold Medalist, Phil Dalhausser

Olympic Gold Medalist, Todd Rogers

At Casey's Match

With Dad at Casey's Match

That has gotta be four feet of air...

Casey Patterson.  They won this match 2-0.  They eventually lost to Dalhausser and Rogers but got 3rd place in the Tourney

Overlooking the Beach

Best Hamburger...hands down. 

New TK Burger Fan!

Sushi with the Jagard Family

Rachel's first Sushi...she liked the sauce, rice and crab meat. Wasn't a fan of the Seaweed wrap holding it all together.

Teresa, the first bite of sushi

Teresa, the second bite of sushi...

Grandma Jagard rented a Jump house for Teresa's party

She loved it and was in that thing for almost 5 hours straight...

great moment between Aunt Sarah and Rachel

a hug...

Andy and Meri bought a dog...it was Rachel's favorite thing, next to the bounce house.

Rachel and Reaghan

The birthday girls

This is after Rachel slept for 10 hours the night before, woke up, ate some cereal and looked at us and said,
"Mom and Dad, I'm tired."  She crawled back into the pack-n-play and slept for another 6 hours.  We might have to rent those bounce houses more often. 


Rachel said...

I can see Eric has been busy updating! I don't think I've ever been in blog this much!! It was so fun to see your family again and seeing Teresa 2x in one month it was almost like we lived close! Just imagine how it will be when you guys move back, hint, hint! And FYI it's Reagan, spelled like the president.;)

Love and miss ya'll

Liz said...

Teresa, don't worry. I feel the same way about sushi. I love Marguerite's expression in the background of those pictures. Priceless.